Oconomowoc Skate Park

Oconomowoc Skate Park

The Oconomowoc Skate Park is at 130 East Forest Street, Oconomowoc within Roosevelt Park. The skate park is open to all ages and abilities. You can use scooters, bikes, skateboards and skates at this facility.

Skate Park Hours are 7AM-9PM


    Use at your own risk. Protective gear recommended.

    Keep It Clean - Foul language, littering and vandalism will not be tolerated

    No alcohol or tobacco products

    No Dogs or Pets

    Bikes must have PLASTIC pegs, bar ends and pedals PARK ETIQUETTE

    Watch for others, call your drop in, communicate

    Go with the flow

    No wax on pool or steel coping

    No use of terrain outside of concrete area

Oconomowoc Skate Park Aerial View
Oconomowoc Skate Park
Family at Oconomowoc Skate Park
Ocon Skate Park

Delafield Skate Park

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